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Development Centre

Reserach and development

The FTB Development Centre monitors upcoming technologies with respect to their potential application for  the benefits of people with disabilities and older people as well as for carers and rehabilitation professionals.
It develops technical concepts, systems and services that directly or indirectly support a barrier-free interaction of people in and with their environment as well as with information systems.

Most of the institute´s research and development activities are done in co-operation with industrial companies, universities, and user organisations within national and European projects.


  • EJO - Digital Job Coach (2016-2019, national)
  • MobileAge - Co-creation of mobile information services for seniors based on open data (2016-2019, EU)
  • inArbeit4.0 - Inclusive working environments for elder, potentially handicapped employees and for employees with disabilities (2015-2018, national)
  • Barrieren-MeMo - Notifying and Monitoring of Digital Accessibility Barriers (2014-2017, national)
  • EGSB - Successful professionals who are deaf or hard of hearing (2013-2017, national)
  • EIII - European Internet Inclusion Initiative (2013-2015, EU)
  • DELFIplus - Enhancement of DELFI taking into account travellers with reduced mobility (2013-2017, national)
  • iCare - Open iCare Assistant - Open Intelligent Infrastructure to Support Ambulant and Stationary Care Services (2012-2015, national)
  • NAMO - Seamless Barrier-free Information and Mobility Chains for Elder People (2012-2015, national)
  • ENABLE - Enable Network of ICT Supported Learning for Disabled People (2011-2014, EU)
  • ELDER-SPACES - Managing Older People Social Relationships for Better Communcation, Activation and Interaction (2011-2013, EU / national)
  • UTT - User Testing Tool - Combining user testing with automated testing to assure accessible web sites (2012-2013, Norway)
  • CARDIAC - Coordination Action in R&D in Accessible and Assistive ICT (2010-2013, EU)
  • eGovMon - eGovernment Monitor (2008-2012, Norway)
  • BAIMplus - More Mobility for All by Information for All (2008-2010, national)
  • eGovMoNet - eGovernment Monitor Network (2008-2010, EU)
  • eABILITIES - Virtual coordination platform of resource and service centres for accessibility (2006-2008, EU)
  • BAIM - Barrier-free Information on Public Transportation for People with Reduced Mobility (2005-2008, national)
  • BIT-NRW - Application Platform for Barrier-free Information Technology in NRW (2004-2008, national)
  • ASK-IT - Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users (2004-2008, EU)
  • EURON - European Robotics Network (2004-2008, EU)
  • EIAO - European Internet Accessibility Observatory (2004-2008, EU)
  • COST219 ter - Accessibility for All to Services and Terminals for Next Generation Mobile Networks - Research Network (2002-2007, EU)
  • FASTY - Faster Typing for Disabled Persons (2001-2003, EU)
  • PACKAGE - Provision for improved lifestyles via Access to Consumer pacKAGEs (2000-2003, EU)
  • EMBASSI - Multimodal Assistance for Infotainment and Service Infrastructures (1999-2003, national)
  • MOBIL - Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Aid (1998-2001, EU)
  • COST219 bis - Telecommunication: Access for Disabled People and Elderly - Research Network (1996-2001, EU)
  • MOBINET - Mobile Robotics Technology for Health Care Services Research Network (1996-2000, EU)
  • HATS - Hand Assesment and Treatment System (1997-1999, EU)
  • Ceiling Lift - Ergonomic Patient Carrier for a Ceiling Lift (1997-1998, internal)
  • RAIL - Robotic Aid to Independent Living (1996-1998, EU)
  • KommAS - Communication support for seniors with aphasia (1995-1998, national)
  • HOSPIMAID  - Validation and Commercial Product Development of an Autonomous Mobile System for Patient Surveillance and Specialized Transport in Medical Hospitals (1996, EU)
  • OMNI - Omni-directional Wheelchair (1993-1996, EU)
  • FERR - Forum of European Rehabilitation Robotics - Workshop and Exhibitiion (1995, EU) (description in German)
  • VarioBad - Mobile Sanitary System with integrated  Toilet and Washbasin (1995, internal)
  • IMMEDIATE - Integrated System for Mobility and Manipulation for Disabled People (1992-1995, EU)
  • PMMA - Personal Mobile Manipulation Assistance (1992-1994, EU)
  • CAi - Communication aids (1991-1994, internal) (description in Grman)


  • TippFixx - Adaptive Typing Assistant with word-prediction for slow typers (description in German)
  • BASCO - Communication assistance to disabled people (description in German)
  • COCKPIT - Environmental control (description in German)
  • UNI-FACE mouse / mouse-keys
  • WinTalk - Acoustic output under Windows (description in German)

Head of FTB Development Centre:

Dr.-Ing. Helmut Heck

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